Wickham Beer Festival

Wickham Charity Beer Festival would like to thank Bowman Ales and Powder Monkey for sponsoring our festival glasses.

At our beer festivals, we have over 40 beers and ciders on offer including Bowman Ales and Powder Monkey. Try them for yourself!

  • Beer Token are on sale at £1.75 each or 6 for £10.00.
  • For Cask Ales and Ciders – each token can be exchanged for one half of a pint.

  • For Keg Ales – each token can be exchanged for one third of a pint

Please note that the below lists are subject to availability and may change.

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Beer Casks

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Cask Brewery Beer ABV (%)
1 Bowman Ales Ltd Wollops Wood 4.0
2 Bowman Ales Ltd Swift One 3.8
3 Bowman Ales Ltd Hop Hearted 4.8
4 Bowman Ales Ltd Quiver 4.5
5 Bowman Ales Ltd Square Cow IPA 6.0
6 Newtown Brewery Pompey Royal 4.6
7 Powder Monkey Brewing Co Ltd Festival Ale 5.4
8 Flower Pots Brewery Goodens Gold 4.8
9 Flower Pots Brewery Hopton IPA 4.3
10 Monkey Brewhouse (Lyndhurst) Zati 4.5
11 Monkey Brewhouse (Lyndhurst) Rhesus Red 4.6
12 Steam Town Brew Co. Zehntel 5.0
13 Steam Town Brew Co. Sisu 4.8
14 Vibrant Forest Brewery Pupa 4.2
15 Vibrant Forest Brewery Out of Exile 4.9
16 Salopian Brewery Lemon Dream 4.5
17 Salopian Brewery Oracle 4.0
18 Langham Brewery & Tap Aeger 7.5
19 Langham Brewery & Tap Very Berry 4.5
20 Longdog Brewery Lovely Nancy 4.8
21 Longdog Brewery Royal Corgi 5.2
22 Triple fff Brewery Sundown 4.3
23 Triple fff Brewery Comfortably Numb 5.0
24 The Three Daggers Ethandun 878 4.3
25 The Three Daggers Vector Pale Ale 3.9
26 Disruption IS Brewing Democracy 3.8
27 Disruption IS Brewing Choas more Chaos 5.0
28 Salcombe Brewery Co. Devon Amber 3.8
29 Wye Valley Brewery Butty Bach 4.5
30 Anspach & Hobday The English Session IPA 4.0
31 Marble Brewery Pint 3.9
32 Cloudwater Brew Co. Red 5.0

Beer Kegs

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Keg Brewery Beer ABV (%)
K1 Powder Monkey Brewing Co Ltd Bravo Zulu 4.4
K2 Powder Monkey Brewing Co Ltd Drop Anchor Vienna Pale Ale 4.6
K3 Powder Monkey Brewing Co Ltd Take Five – West Coast IPA 7.0
K4 Powder Monkey Brewing Co Ltd What Makes the Grass Grow 5.8
K5 Staggeringly Good Brewery Women Inherits the Earth 4.5
K6 Staggeringly Good Brewery CocoaDocus – Chocolate & Coconut 11.2
K7 DEYA Brewing Company Into the Haze 6.2
K8 Wiper & True Brewery Purple Rain 6.0
Thanks to all our brewers:


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Cider Brewery Beer ABV (%)
C1 Lilley’s Cider Ltd Raspberry Lemonade 3.4
C2 Lilley’s Cider Ltd Cherries & Berries 4.0
C3 Lilley’s Cider Ltd Mango 4.0
C4 Lilley’s Cider Ltd Tropical 4.0
C5 Black Rat Traditional Vintage 6.0
C6 Black Rat Traditional Perry 6.8
C7 The Purbeck Cider Company Purbeck Pirate 4.8
C8 The Purbeck Cider Company Bushey Berry 4.0
Thanks to all our cider suppliers: