The Beers

BreweryBeerABV %
1Bowman Ales LtdSwift One3.8
2Bowman Ales LtdWallops Wood4.0
3Bowman Ales LtdQuiver Bitter4.5
4Bowman Ales LtdBritish IPA4.5
5Bowman Ales LtdLapwing4.5
6Bowman Ales LtdBlack Drop4.6
7Red Cat BrewingHeading to California6.6
8Red Cat BrewingMahi Tahi5.6
9Goddards Brewery LtdAle of Wight3.7
10Goddards Brewery LtdStartboard4.0
11Irving & Company Brewers LtdCaptain B5.3
12Irving & Company Brewers LtdIron Duke5.3
13Cracklerock Brewing CoGold Rush4.5
14Cracklerock Brewing CoCrackatoa IPA6.2
15Langham BreweryTriple XXX4.4
16Langham BrewerySouth Downs Bitter4.5
17Fallen Acorn Brewing CoAwaken4.5
18Fallen Acorn Brewing CoCoffee at Midnight4.5
19Urban Island Brewing CoMosaic Pale4.0
20Urban Island Brewing CoSolo5.0
21The Botley Brewery and Hidden Tap BarPommy Blonde4.3
22The Botley Brewery and Hidden Tap BarEnglish IPA5,1
23The Botley Brewery and Hidden Tap BarFestival Ale3.8
24Ascot Brewing CoGold Cup4.0
25Ascot Brewing CoFront Runner4.8
26The Flower Pots BreweryGoodens Gold4.8
27The Flower Pots BreweryWildfire IPA5.7
28Alfred’s BrewerySaxon Blond3.8
29Newtown BreweryMeon Valley Mild3.8
30Steam Town Brew CoDisco Fluff4.8
31Steam Town Brew CoRalph Dutton ESB5.8
32Triple fff BreweryMoondance4.2
33Triple fff BreweryStairway4.6
34Firebird BrewingTwo Horses3.8
35Firebird BrewingEl Dorado4.1
36Eight Arch Brewing CoSquare Logic Pale Ale4.2
37Eight Arch Brewing CoCorbel IPA5.5
38Disruption IS BrewingChaos more Chaos5.0
39Disruption IS BrewingPeople of Hop IPA6.5
40Siren Craft BrewBroken Dreams6.5
41Siren Craft BrewLumina4.2

The Ciders

C1Lilley’s CiderCherries and Berries4.0
C2Lilley’s CiderBee Sting6.8
C3Lilley’s CiderTropical Cider4.0
C4Lilley’s CiderSunset6.0
C5Lilley’s CiderRed Rabbit6.0
C6Meon Valley Cider LtdChalk Stream6.0
C7Meon Valley Cider LtdBrown Trout6.0
C8Meon Valley Cider LtdElderflower Fruit4.0
C9Mr Whitehead’s Cider CoStrawberry4.0
C10Mr Whitehead’s Cider CoCirrus5.0
C11Mr Whitehead’s Cider CoHeart of Hampshire6.0
  • The lists above may change so check nearer the time
  • Beer Token on sale at £1.75 each or 6 for £10.00. Each token will buy one half pint