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The Beers

1Bowman AlesSwift One3.8%
2Bowman AlesYumi3.9%
3Bowman AlesWallops Wood4.0%
4Bowman AlesMeon Valley Bitter3.9%
5Bowman AlesLapwing4.5%
6Bowman AlesShaft4.5%
7Stealth Brew CoMint Spy4.4%
8Stealth Brew CoSmoke ‘n’ Mirrors5.1%
9Stealth Brew CoDoublecrosser4.0%
10Stealth Brew CoInvisible4.7%
11Goddards BreweryAle of Wight3.7%
12Goddards BreweryWight Squirrel4.7%
13Irving & Company BrewersCaptain B5.3%
14Irving & Company BrewersIron Duke5.3%
15Suthwyk AlesLand of Hop and Glory4.5%
16Suthwyk AlesSkew Sunshine Ale4.4%
17CrackleRock Brewing CoCrackatoa6.2%
18CrackleRock Brewing CoCrafty Shag5.0%
19Langham BreweryHip Hop4.0%
20Langham BrewerySundowner4.2%
21Fallen Acorn Brewing CoCrimea River9.0%
22Fallen Acorn Brewing CoPompey Royal4.3%
23Fallen Acorn Brewing CoStop Your Messing Around4.2%
24Urban Island Brewing CoHigh & Dry5.5%
25Urban Island Brewing CoDSB4.6%
26Hop Back BrewerySpring Zing4.2%
27Hop Back BreweryCitra4.0%
28Hop Kettle BreweryJewel Down Under4.2%
29Hop Kettle BreweryRisingStar4.8%
30Itchen Valley BreweryPure Gold4.8%
31Itchen Valley BreweryHampshire Rose4.2%
32Newtown BreweryWarriors5.4%
33Flower Pots BreweryGoodens Gold4.8%
34Flower Pots BreweryPerridge Pale3.6%
35Alfred’s BrewerySaxon Bronze3.8%
36Franklins Brewing CoKaleidohop5.0%
37Franklins Brewing CoAvalon4.0%
38DawkinsEaston IPA4.5%
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The Ciders

C1Lilley’s CiderCherries and Berries4.0%
C2Lilley’s CiderSunset6.0%
C3Lilley’s CiderLemon & Lime Cider4.0%
C4Lilley’s CiderBee Sting6.8%
C5Meon Valley Cider LtdHeron’s Crest5.0%
C6Meon Valley Cider LtdDragon Fly6.0%
C7Meon Valley Cider LtdOaked6.5%
C8Meon Valley Cider LtdSkylark4.2%
C9Mr. Whitehead’s Cider Co LtdStrawberry Cider4.0%
C10Mr. Whiteheads Cider Co LtdMidnight Special5.0%
C11Mr. Whiteheads Cider Co LtdEquinox4.5%
  • The lists above may change so check nearer the time