The Beers

BreweryBeerABV %
1Bowman AlesSwift One3.8
2Bowman AlesWallops Wood4.0
3Bowman AlesQuiver Bitter4.5
4Bowman AlesLapwing4.5
5Bowman AlesBlack Drop4.6
6Irving & CoCaptain B5.3
7Irving & CoFrigate3.8
8Alfred’s BrewerySaxon Bronze3.8
9The Flower Pots BreweryPastures Old5.8
10The Flower Pots BreweryGoodens Gold4.8
11Fallen AcornWave of Light6.7
12Fallen AcornThey’re Taking the Hobbits to Isinglass4.2
13Newtown BrewerySpithead Oatmeal Stout4.1
14Botley BreweryWildern Red5.7
15Botley BreweryPomy Blonde4.3
16CrackleRock Brewing CoCrackatoa IPA6.2
17CrackleRock Brewing CoCrafty Shag5.0
18Urban Island Brewing CoMosaic Pale4.0
19Urban Island Brewing CoCrossing Oceans4.5
20Vibrant Forest BreweryPupa4.5
21Vibrant Forest BreweryOtto4.2

The Ciders

C1Lilley’s CiderCherries and Berries4.0
C2Lilley’s CiderSomerset Scrumpy Medium6.0
C3Lilley’s CiderLilley’s Select4.8
C4Lilley’s CiderLilley’s Tropical4.0
C5Lilley’s CiderLilley’s Sunset6.0
C6Meon Valley Cider LtdChalk Stream6.0
C7Meon Valley Cider LtdHeron’s Crest5.0
C8Meon Valley Cider LtdBrown Trout6.0
C9Meon Valley Cider LtdDragonfly6.0
  • The lists above may change so check nearer the time