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Wickham Beer Festival is famous for its wide range of local ales and ciders from local and further afield. Just take a look. To view the by ales click here.
Bowman Ales Ltd[Visit our website here]
Elderado 3.5%% ( Ale )
Swift One 3.8%% ( Ale )
Yumi 3.9%% ( Ale )
Meon Valley Bitter 3.9%% ( Ale )
Lapwing 4.0%% ( Ale )
Wallops Wood 4.0%% ( Ale )
Andwell Brewery[Visit our website here]
Gold Muddler 3.9%% ( Ale )
King John 4.2%% ( Ale )
King Beer[Visit our website here]
We are dedicated team in a micro brewery with big ideas. We combine traditional brewing heritage with modern innovative styles.
Brighton Blonde 3.9%% ( Ale )
Poacher's Moon 4.1%% ( Ale )
Upham Brewery[Visit our website here]
Upham Brewery was set up in 2009, in the heart of the South Downs, not far from Winchester. Our fine real ales are crafted in the grounds of a picturesque, seventeenth century farmstead by a small and dedicated team.
Sprinter 3.8%% ( Ale )
1st Drop 4.2%% ( Ale )
Red Cat Brewing[Visit our website here]
Prowler Pale 3.6%% ( Ale )
Tom Cat 4.7%% ( Ale )
Goddards[Visit our website here]
Wight Squirrel 4.3%% ( Ale )
Fuggle Dee Dum 4.8%% ( Ale )
Flack Manor[Visit our website here]
Flack Manor Brewery is an independent brewery based in Romsey, Hampshire. Set up in December 2009, Flack Manor aims to bring quality cask brewing back to Romsey using the traditional method of Double Dropping.
Double Drop 3.7%% ( Ale )
Hedge Hop 4.9%% ( Ale )
Longdog Brewery[Visit our website here]
Longdog Brewery beers are all made from natural ingredients and reflect Phil’s passion for well balanced beers designed to be refreshingly easy to drink.
Bunny Chaser 3.5%% ( Ale )
Kismet 4.5%% ( Ale )
Mash[Visit our website here]
Our craft beers are lovingly brewed using ingredients from around the world with natural Hampshire water.
Pale 3.8%% ( Ale )
Irving & Co Brewers Ltd[Visit our website here]
Thai Me Up 3.8%% ( Ale )
Iron Duke IPA 5.3%% ( Ale )
Havant Brewery[Visit our website here]
We are a Micro Brewery run by husband and wife team, Mike and Caroline Charlton. Opened for business in April 2009 brewing handcrafted real Ales.
A Ha 3.7%% ( Ale )
Five O 5.0%% ( Ale )
Clearwater[Visit our website here]
During the last three years, Clearwater’s reputation for distinctive, quality beers has expanded from its heartland in north Devon to the whole county, neighbouring counties and now much further afield across parts of England and Wales.
Honey Beer 3.7%% ( Ale )
Devon Dympsy 4.0%% ( Ale )
Blue Monkey Brewery[Visit our website here]
Blue Monkey Brewery was first established by John Hickling & Trevor Vickers (Nephew & Uncle) in 2008 in Ilkeston, a town in the UK situated roughly half-way between Nottingham and Derby.
Marmoset 3.6%% ( Ale )
Suthwyk Ales[Visit our website here]
Brewed entirely from barley grown on their own farm on Portsdown Hill. Brewing was part of history in Southwick until 1957 when the last master brewer retired, now the Brewhouse has reopened as a Bottle-conditioned real ale outlet.
Old Dick 3.8%% ( Ale )
Skew Sunshine Ale 4.6%% ( Ale )
Sheffield Brewery co[Visit our website here]
The Sheffield Brewery Company launched its first beers on 20th January 2007 at the brewery tap, The Gardeners Rest in Neepsend.
Crucible Best 3.8%% ( Ale )
Five Rivers 3.8%% ( Ale )
Wessex Brewery 
Established in 2001 and moved to its current location in 2004. Now supplying to 15 local outlets, beers are also available through selected wholesalers. Seasonal beers are also produced.
Tooth Decay 3.8%% ( Ale )
Electyle Dysfunction 7.0%% ( Ale )
Brass Castle[Visit our website here]
Brass Castle Brewery mashes grains, boils hop charges, pitches yeast, racks into casks and does an awful lot of cleaning, right in the centre of Malton. The result is a range of award-winning beers that find their way all around the UK.
Burnout 5.8%% ( Ale )
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